Welcome To The Post Apocalypse!

In 2077 nuclear war ravaged the face of the Earth. One hundred and twenty-two subterranean Vaults were able to safely house 1,000 individuals each, and thus provide the seeds for a new American nation. As the doors sealed, your ancestors were among the lucky few to have secured space in this great endeavor.

The Vault that you have known as home is Vault 76, and is located outside of Springfield, Ohio. The original population was made up of staff from Wright Patterson Air Force Base, high level state officials from Columbus, and some of Ohio’s best artists and scientists. A strenuous quota of genetic backgrounds and age allotment also assured a good cross-section of American culture.

The plan for return was based on five-year intervals, left to the ultimate discretion of the Vault Overseer. Every five years the Vault scientists would compile reports of possible scenarios, both for and against returning to the surface. The Overseer would then correspond with both Vault-Tec and other Overseers to make his decision. However, there has been no outside communication after the bombs fell. Likewise, any outside weather instrumentation that was installed has been useless.

The Overseer had then always decided against leaving the safety of the Vault, feeling that there was nothing wrong with the way things were. Conflicts of violence were rare, food and clean water were abundant, living conditions were at worst tolerable, and strong education had made a solid utilitarian community.

However, no man is immortal, and with the death of the first Overseer the idea to return to the surface world became the next big thing.

Fallout: The Roleplaying Game (2010)

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